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The Arkaba Walk is a four-day experience that runs from mid-March to mid-October each year;


Departures every Thursday (and every Friday during March, April, May, August and September)

21 March - 04 October 2019


This season provides warm days with cooler evenings.  Day temperatures will average between 15–-25c with the later part of the season being cooler. The evening temperatures will be much cooler and warm clothing will be required. This is the end of the dry season so there is the possibility of some early rains, though the land will still be mostly beautiful oranges, reds and browns. As the days cool, wildlife becomes more active during the middle parts of the day. 


Walking in winter is particularly beautiful in the Flinders with cold nights and days that are warm with some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. You will love the carpet of green across Arkaba's spectacular and diverse topography, painted so beautifully by Hans Heysen. This season provides ideal walking weather with daily temperatures of around 15c and occasionally as high as 25c. A roaring camp fire will greet you each night to keep you warm while enjoying a glass of South Australian wine. The evenings and early mornings will be very cold and warm winter clothing is required. 

After winter rains, with surface water in the creeks, wildlife will be far-reaching with lots of food available and very active throughout the day. Emus will generally begin laying from August onwards. 


Spring in the Flinders Ranges is undeniably spectacular! It is a great time to spot emu chicks as they begin hatching and the outback brown and orange colours are bright with red, yellow, white and purple with native plants and wildflowers. Migratory birds will generally begin to appear and wedgetail eagle chicks will hatch between August and September, fledging by November. The abundance of and timing of the wildflowers depends entirely on rainfall throughout the year. Day temperatures can average between 20 –- 25c with the later part of the season getting warmer. The evening temperatures will be cooler in the early part of the season so a warm layer of clothing will be required. 


We do not operate the Arkaba Walk during the hot, summer months, although you can book a stay at Arkaba and enjoy a walks as part of your wilderness activities that are all inclusive in your tariff. These guided experiences are tailored according to your specific interests - be it wildlife, geology, history, food and wine, photography, active or leisurely walks and all manner of combinations. Learn more here. 
For an accurate weather guide please refer to www.bom.gov.au and search for the town of Hawker.